Power the future of sports
and media.

The connection fans feel with the world of
sports has grown stronger than ever with the
rise of new media. Today's organizations
and brands need team players that can bridge
the gap between tried-and-true marketing
strategies with the latest communication tools.

In Full Sail University's Sports Marketing
and Media Bachelor's degree program,
you'll learn how to create content for a
variety of media, including digital video, web,
mobile content, and social networks, while
developing skills in business, public relations,
communications, and marketing.

Through your project-based coursework,
internships, and a comprehensive final
project, you’ll build real experience to start
your path toward an exciting role in the
evolving sports industry.

Areas of Focus

  • Sports Business
  • Content Creation
  • Sports Marketing
  • Media Technology

Specialized courses include:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Social Media and Sports Marketing
  • Sports Events and Entertainment
  • Public Relations in Sports

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A Mac for Every Student

Project LaunchBoxTM is a Full Sail program
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This portable workstation
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Full Sail Online.